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Graphic Designs for Lynne Glazer

The following images are some designs I've been working recently on for Lynne Glazer, a marvelous photographer specializing in equine photography. Designs include a digital postcard, a design for a letterhead and a series of possible designs for a digital "signature" for her photographs.

Below is the blank digital postcard designed to announce the birth of Twilight Ablaze (Twix) foal of Rem-member Me (Ember) 13, a purebred Arabian (Remington Steele++ out of BF Shilei)). This is her first child, by Lipizzan stallion Pluto Carrma III (Pooka). As you can see in the second image, Lynne uses the open area on the left side of the card to place images of memorable shots with a brief description. She then emails the card to the admiring and doting fans of Twix and Ember. You can see all the postcards here. tlbimages: postcard design tlbimages: sample postcard
Below, is the tentative final letterhead design followed by the master image done using my own Painter 8 Digital Watercolor brushes (you can download these brushers here). You can also see Lynne's original photograph and the final working image. The letterhead is 2.5"x1.8". tlbimages: letterhead design
The master image is 11.5"x7.5" and will be printed on 11"x14" on Hawk Mountain Art Papers "Osprey Textured" paper. tlbimages: Ember final watercolor
This is Lynne's original photograph followed by the final working image which after doing some color correcting work, I monochromed using Photoshop's Channel Mixer with the "monochrome option" check marked. tlbimages: Ember original tlbimages: Ember, final working image
Below are a series of tentative designs for a digital signature for Lynne to use on her photographs. Each would be transparent where the grey shows now so that whatever image they might be placed on would show through. The first three designs used Ember's mane as the basis for the 'frame' for Lynne's name. tlbimages: sig design 1 tlbimages: sig design 2 tlbimages: sig design 3 tlbimages: sig design 4 tlbimages: sig design 5 tlbimages: sig design 6 tlbimages: sig design 7
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