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Maggie and Chris

This image was created using using Photoshop 5.5 and Painter 6. Immediately below is the final image. The succeeding images discuss how I worked to create this final image
Maggie & Chris, final
Scanning into Photoshop5.5 at 600dpi, the image below the original scan with no corrections applied. As you can see, it's got major problems--it's yellow and not in good shape.
Maggie & Chris, original scan
This image shows in more detail one of the major problems with the photograph. The 'coating' on the photo has begun to crack and crinkle leaving streaks that were picked up in the scan. After color correcting, I applied the dust and scratches filter and then found that taking 2 color samples using the eyedropper tool in Photoshop--one for background and one for foreground--and then using the paintbrush tool with the blend mode set to 'darken' allowed me to get rid of the streaks that remained after I'd used the d/s filter.
Maggie & Chris, original close-up
This is the cleaned-up and color corrected image. In Photoshop, I converted to LAB and using the luminosity channel in Curves, I was able to get rid of the yellow cast and bring back original color. I didn't repair all of the damage as I knew that I would be using only part of this final image.
Maggie & Chris, final Photoshop image
In Painter, I created a sketch (not shown) and then used the colored pencil brush to fill in the detail. I tried something different with this image. I applied a texture to the clone source before beginning to use the colored pencil brush. It worked pretty well, allowing the image to have some texture from the start. I then took the watercolor brush using 'soft cover' rather than 'wet' method and went over the image with a very low opacity. I then applied texture again. This is a close up of the final image.
Maggie & Chris, final close-up
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