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Galaxy & Dana

Galaxy (below left) and Dana (below right) are the hearing dog companions of Cheryl Heppner the executive director of the Northern Virginia Resource Center for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Persons (to learn more about hearing dogs, from the NVRC homepage click on "Education" and see the "Resources" section). Dana has recently retired and Galaxy is in training.

This image was cropped and color corrected using Photoshop 7, extracted from the background using Corel Knockout 2, and then painted using Painter 8's "Thick Wet Oils" (primary among other brushes used).

The backgound 'wall' was created using Painter's Look Selector 'stucco', painting on the canvas of a new image and then using the Paper Selector palette 'capture paper' command to create a new paper texture. I then chose the new 'stucco' paper texture and painted the background 'wall'. The same process was used to create the 'floor' using the Look Selector's 'stone wall'.

The image was returned to Photoshop and the edges were manipulated using Extensis Photoframe 2. Galaxy's dog tag has stars and Dana's dog tag has a banana because the first time I met her she brought me a banana--not quite sure why...'-}}

The image is 11x8 inches on 14x11 inch paper, printed on an Epson 1160 on Hawk Mountain Art Papers "Osprey Textured" (one of their fine art coated ink jet papers, mouldmade, pebbled texture, archival, 100% cotton, 250gsm/15 mil).

galaxy and dana, final Painter 8 image
Below is the original digial camera image of Galaxy and Dana followed by the cropped and resized original image.
galaxy and dana, original digital camera image
galaxy and dana, cropped original
As you can see from the above images, there is a severe color cast. Below, is the color corrected image in which Galaxy and Dana have been extracted from the original background and placed on a new one. This image will be used as the ground for work in Painter 8. In the end, I didn't use the background I'd created in the image below.
galaxy and dana, final photoshop image
This is the sketch I did in Painter 8, followed by a closeup of a portion of the final image.
galaxy and dana, Painter 8 sketch
galaxy and data, close-up
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