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All of my images (see list below) start and end in Photoshop generally with a detour into Painter. The images on this page did not make that detour. Everything was done in Photoshop 6. Drake Xavier Summers is the first grandchild of a friend of mine and she had two photos and asked me if I'd work with them in a straight photographic way. I had hoped to composite both pictures but wasn't sure how I was going to do it. I scanned the photos into Photoshop at 600dpi and 150%. Below are the original uncorrected scans, the first is Drake and his dad and the second is Drake and his mom.
Lane & Drake, initial scan
Jacque & Drake, initial scan
I then did some corrective work on both images, removing the red spots from Drake's back which are a heat rash from his short stay in pediatric intensive care and generally cleaning up and color corrrecting each image. Below are the corrected images. On the left is Drake and his dad and on the right is Drake and his mom.
Lane & Drake, corrected Jacque & Drake, corrected
In looking at the image of Drake and his mother, I began to see a possible approach to compositing. Rather than trying to put both images together, why not focus on the baby? I began experimenting with selecting here and there. Below are the images I found pleasing.
Drake face Drake ear Drake lips
Face Nose & lips
I created a light colored canvas of 8x10in adding a bit of texture with Photoshop's 'texturizer' using 'sandstone' at about 80%. I dragged the images of Lane and Drake to this new canvas. Using Photoshop's layer effects/styles, I added a drop shadow to Lane's image and also embossed and contoured the edge of the image (Photoshop 6 has cool new embossing effects). I did the same thing with each of the images of Drake. I then selected a area around Lane and using the Photoshop "stroke" command, stroked a 10pixel line in a dark blue. Again, using Photoshop's layer effects/styles, I pillow embossed the stroked line creating a frame. I did the same thing with for Drake's images. Below is the resulting image.
Lane & Drake final
For Drake and his mom, I just added the same drop shadow and embossing to each image and then played with Photoshop's type tool using the Arabia font to create his initials. The resulting image of Drake and his mom.
Jacque & Drake final
The initials were done in the same shade of dark blue that I used in the 'frame' in the other image and I also applied 'outer glow' using a goldish color. In the embossing, I used 'inner bevel', technique (new in PS6) used was 'soft chisel'. The coolest effect is what happens when you play with 'gloss contour' under the 'contour' suboption of Bevel & Emboss. 'Gloss contour' is new in Photoshop6 and you can get all sorts of nifty effects. Under the 'contour' suboptoin, I used 'sawtooth1' for the initials. For bevel and emboss, I used 'gaussian' which I also used for the drop shadow. Below is a closeup of Drake's initials.
Drake, initials
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