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Portrait of Nim, an arab mare who shared her life with Maryanne Stroud Gabbani of Cairo, Egypt. Nim was close to 30 when she died and is greatly missed by all who knew her. Maryanne remembered her:
"No one rode Nimbus, she took you for a ride. She was a bossy, autocratic old lady with a golden heart, a mischievous trouble maker who could tinker for hours with latches until she undid them. For an Egyptian horse she was old when I got her at 15 and she gave me two lovely foals, a mule (Koko) and the infamous MonkeyLips, through whom I got her grandson Fagr. I can only guess what she'd done in her long life by the way she approached situatons. If you cantered her along a certain portion of the racetrack in Smouha Club in the right direction, she took off like a flash as though still trying to win. She jumped irrigation ditches with finesse and sometimes terrifying height. And when the mood took her...but only when it did...she would suddenly give you the most amazing collection and dance/dressage moves."
The image was created using Photoshop 7 and Painter 8 Digital Watercolor brushes. The final image is 6x8" on 8x10", printed on Hawk Mountain Art Papers "Osprey Textured" paper on an Epson 1160.

This portrait was selected by Cher Threinen-Pendarvis for the artist's gallery in her "The Painter IX Wow! Book" (Peachpit Press, ISBN 0-321-30532-9). This page displays the book page with the portrait and accompanying text.

Nimbus, final image
Below, is the original photograph scanned into Photoshop at 600ppi followed by the corrected image which was resized and reduced to 300ppi.
Nim, original scan
Nim, corrected scan
A close-up of the final image.
Nim, close-up final image
Some of the customized Painter 8 Digital Watercolor brushes (clicking on this link will take you to the page where you may download these brushes) used in creating this image are shown below. Different brushes were used on different layers. The layers are displayed in order from bottom to top, so for example, "layer 4" would be beneath "layer 11". The final image had 16 layers numbering from layer 4 to layer 30 (some layers were deleted). The final image was taken back into Painter 8 and "oatmeal" surface texture was applied (softness=3, invert; amount=15, lighting was 4 choice to the right of the default).

Unless otherwise noted, brush settings were the default values and layer opacity was 100% with the blend mode in Painter 8 of "gel" changed to "multiply" rather than "darken" set when saving a Painter RIFF to Photoshop PSD. Paper texture was "Italian Watercolor" paper.

nim, layer 4: tlb-dwc-detail sharp
This is layer 4 of the image. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used "tlb-dwc-detail-sharp", settings: size=2, opacity=20.
nim, layer 11: tlb-dwc-detail-soft
This is layer 11. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used "tlb-dwc-detail-soft", settings: size=8, opacity=5. In the final image, this layer was set to 25% opacity.
nim, layer 14: tlb-dwc-wet-2
This is layer 14. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used "tlb-dwc-wet-2", settings: size=between 3 and 10, opacity=30.
nim, layer 15: tlb-dwc-wet-3
This is layer 15. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used  "tlb-dwc-wet-3", settings: size=between 5 and 12, opacity=70. In the final image, this layer was set to 25% opacity.
nim, layer 20: tlb-dwc-wet-2
This is layer 20. As in layer 14, this layer also uses "tlb-dwc-wet-2", settings: size=3, opacity=30. In the final image, this layer was set to 25% opacity.
nim, layer 24: tlb-dwc-wet-large
This is layer 24. Customized Digital Watecolor brush used "tlb-dwc-wet-large", settings: size=13, opacity=30.
nim, layer 25: tlb-dwc-wet-soft
This is layer 25. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used "tlb-dwc-wet-soft", settings: size=15, opacity=5.
nim, layer 26: tlb-dwc-wet-1
This is layer 26. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used "tlb-dwc-wet-1", settings: size=15, opacity=25%.
nim, layer 28: tlb-dwc-wet-1
This is layer 28. Customized Digital Watercolor brush used "tlb-dwc-wet-1", settings: size=3, opacity=25%.
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