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This image was created using Photoshop 7 and Painter 7. Different Painter brushes were used to create each of the images--colored pencil, pastels and watercolor. The final image is 12x17inches, printed on Epson watercolor paper using an Epson 1160 with Epson inks.
Ezzy, final image
The image of Ezzy as a puppy was in the worst shape but, the new Photoshop 7 healing brush did an excellent job of repairing the damage to the photo. This first image shows the original scan (600ppi) of Ezzy as a puppy. It's a mess.
Ezzy as puppy, original scan
Here is a closeup. You can see the damage.
Ezzy as puppy, close up original scan
Using Photoshop 7's healing brush, I was able to repair the damage to the image. I also recreated Ezzy's eyes using another photo as reference. Below is a closeup of the repaired image.
On the left is the repaired image which has been extracted from the background using Corel Knockout (note that the background would be transparent rather than the white you see here), resized and resampled to 300ppi and on the right is the sketch done in Painter 7.
Ezzy as a puppy, final Photoshop image
Ezzy as a puppy, Painter sketch
Below is the final Painter image. I used the fine art brushes, RND A Camel Glaze and RND O Rough. The image was then composited onto a background and a small drop shadow was applied.
Ezzy as a puppy, final image
The next image of Ezzy was much easier to work with as the scan (600dpi) had just the normal problems of odds and ends of dust and the color needed to be adjusted.
Ezzy rock, original scan
Below is the color corrected image, resized and resampled to 300ppi.
Ezzy rock, final Photoshop image
Below is the sketch created in Painter followed by the final Painter image. I used both pastel and colored pencil brushes.
Ezzy rock, Painter sketch
Ezzy rock, final Painter image
For this next image of Ezzy, I knew that in addition to cleaning, repairing and color correcting the image, I also wanted to using Corel Knockout to separate Ezzy from the background. Here is the original scan (600ppi) followed by the final Photoshop image (again, note that the background on would be transparent rather than the white you see here) which has also been color corrected and resampled to 300ppi.
Ezzy chair, final Photoshop image
Here is the sketch I did in Painter followed by the final Painter image which I created using the pastel brushes. I also created a background for the image which in the final composite was reduced in opacity to 70%.
Ezzy chair, Painter sketch
Ezzy chair, final Painter image
The image of Ezzy in the water was much like the image of Ezzy by the rock with nothing more than the normal cleanup and color correction involved. Below is the original scan (600ppi) and the final Photoshop image color corrected and resampled to 300ppi.
Ezzy water, original scan
Ezzy water, final Photoshop image
Below are the Painter sketch and final Painter image created using both the colored pencil and Round Camel Hair brushes.
Ezzy water, Painter sketch
Ezzy water, final Painter image
Last, but certainly not least, is the most dominate image. On the left is the original scan (600ppi) and on the right is final Photoshop image in which I used Corel Knockout to remove the background (again, note that the background would be transparent rather than the white you see here; also color corrected and resampled to 300ppi.
Ezzy stairs, original scan Ezzy stairs, final Photoshop image
Below is the Painter sketch.
Ezzy, Painter sketch
I used the Painter watercolor brushes to create this image using mulitple watercolor layers--30 by the time I was done--using mostly the wash flat, wash camel and wash pointed flat brushes in various sizes and opacities. The background was done using Don Seegmiller's DS Brushes loaded palette knife and sable chisel tip (from the Painter 7 Wow Book CD, Cher Threinen-Pendarvis isbn: 0-201-77362-7).

When I had completed the Painter image work, I saved the file as a Photoshop PSD and took it into Photoshop to composite it onto the larger background and the other images of Ezzy.

When saving a Painter RIFF as a PSD, Painter converts the watercolor 'gel' blend mode to 'darken'. After opening the image in Photoshop, I find that changing the 'darken' blend mode to 'multiply' gives me the same depth of color that I had in Painter.

I played around quite a bit when compositing this image and finally tried and oval selection which worked nicely with the other images. I applied an inner shadow, inner glow and a bevel and emboss to this image's background layer to set it off from the other images and the larger background.

Ezzy large final
Below is a close-up.
The background for the composite is a composite of Ezzy by the rock and Ezzy in the water. I removed Ezzy from both images and then put these two images together. Below are the two base images followed by the composite.
Ezzy background, top portion Ezzy background, bottom portion
Ezzy composite background
I then used Extensis PhotoFrame 2 to create an edge and applied a texture in Painter.
Ezzy final composite background
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