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The following images show some of the earlier work I've done using Photoshop and Painter. I started using Photoshop 4 and currently I'm using version 6. I started with Painter 4, currently using Painter 7. I generally start with a photograph which I scan and adjust in Photoshop and then take into Painter and begin to play with the various Painter brushes to see which will give me an image that I like.
This is Sam--original image on the top, Painter's image on the bottom. I created 2 copies of this image in Photoshop--one RGB and one grayscale. In Painter, I used both a grayscale and color image in painting using pastel chalk. I then took the image back into Photoshop and deckled the edge of the image and then put it on the background and added Sam's name.
This is my niece and her dog--the original on the top and the Painter image on the bottom. The image was scanned into Photoshop and then I took it into Painter and using the pencil tool, sketched in the parts of the image that I wanted. I applied watercolor paper as the texture.
Emily and Dexter
I was so taken with the way my niece's face came out that in Photoshop, I took just that part of the image and played. From left to right, top to bottom: gradient, the original image, the cracquelure filter and fill with a lowered opacity on the fill. Each image had its edges deckled.
Emily x 4
This is Woodie--original on the top, Painter image on the bottom. The image was scanned into Photoshop and then I took it into Painter and used the pastel chalk.
This is a composite image of my mother. The upper left image is the original photograph. The upper right image shows the Photoshop image after separating out just my mom and putting that image on a background I created. The main image shows the work done in Painter. I used pastel chalk and applied texture to the final image.
This is my mother and her brothers--isn't it a great pic? You can see that the original has some damage to it. The original is on the top, with the restored image on the bottom.
Mom & her brothers
This is my grandfather--original on left, restored on right. He was Cuban and made cigars by hand and played the cello
Minquin, original scan Minquin, restored image
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