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This image was created using Photoshop 6 and Painter 6.03. Immediately below is the final image. It was created from a scan of a photo and then using a 'sketching' technique (described below) for the base image. I used Painter's medium tooth paper (see Painter's papersrf.pap) as my texture while painting the image, later adding additional texture with the "brushed & teased" paper (see Painter's papersrf.pap) texture. The background was textured using the "Thick Wet Paint" paper texture from the "Painter 6 Wow! Book" (a terrific book by Cher Theinen-Pendarvis, Peachpit Press, ISBN0-201-35449-7) using one of the colors selected from the image. The image was edged using the "chisel-01" edge from Extensis PhotoFrame 2 ( Extensis). I applied this edge and the tweaked it both in PhotoFrame 2 and using the layer/styles effects in Photoshop 6. Gracie was barn and house master extroardinaire and is greatly missed. Her minions Ben and Geri continue to uphold her legacy.
Gracie & her minions final
The starting image was a photograph scanned into Photoshop at 600dpi at 150% and then color corrected in Photoshop.
Gracie original scan
I then created a greyscale of the image and using a technique first described by Gregory Georges (see G. Georges' Fine Art Technique #1). I used Photoshop's Smart Blur filter with the "edge only" option to create a 'sketch' (image on the left). The final Photoshop 'sketch' was on a transparent layer so that only the 'sketch' lines were visible, there was no white background. I then took the resulting Photoshop 'sketch' into Painter and auto-cloned it (image on the right) using the 2B pencil tool (see below for a step by step tutorial of the process). I then used the sharp chalk brush using the color image as the source. I then used the liquid brush (grainy water) to go over the image. As the 'sketch' lines were in a light color, chosen from the image, they did not show through the final image.
Gracie, final Photoshop 'sketch' Gracie, final Painter 'sketch'
Below is a closeup of the image:
Gracie, close-up
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