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Bud Light

This image was created using Photoshop 6 and Painter 7 using Painter's pastel brush. Immediately below is the final image which is 5x7 inches, printed using an Epson 1160 inkjet printer on Strathmore watercolor paper. The succeeding images discuss how I worked to create Bud Light who was the beloved and much missed school horse a friend rode in his riding lessons.
Bud Light in pastel
The image below is the original scan into Photoshop 6 at 600dpi, 200% and the scanned image size is 3.21 x 4.46 inches.
Bud Light, original scan
The print I scanned was full of spots and it took me quite a bit of time using Photoshop's cloning tool to remove them.
Bud Light, spots
Here is the final Photoshop image, spots eliminated and color corrected. At one point, the image seemed a bit lopsided so I cloned a small portion of the image on the right hand side to give it more balance.
Bud Light, Photoshop final
This is the sketch of Bud Light shown below. I sketched and painted on a separate layer above the canvas which gave me greater flexibility when creating a background for the main image. The Painter layer is transparent in the areas that don't have paint so the main image does not have to be cut out of the white canvas background when placing the image on a new background. You can't see it here but in Painter, only the sketch lines would show, there wouldn't be any white background.
Bud Light, sketch
I used the soft pastel brush in various sizes to create the Painter image. Bud Light was done using a smaller more detailed pastel brush and the background was done using a larger pastel brush and the Just Add Water brush to give it a soft look.When I brought the image back into Photoshop, the background seemed a bit washed out and so I duplicated the background layer and used the soft light blending mode on the duplicate layer. I also applied Unsharp Masking to sharpen the Bud Light layer and applied a small drop shadow.
Bud Light, final Painter image
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